Isola Bio® Certifications

Numerous Organic Certifications:

 U.S:A: and Canada: NOP Certification

Isola Bio products can be exported to the US thanks to NOP certification, which monitors the compliance of products with US organic food regulations.


IBD : Organico Brasil

One of the biggest European organic brands, Isola Bio products also boast IBD Organico Brasil certification, which means Italian quality can also be exported to South America.


ICEA (compliance Reg. 834) and organic importer

Isola Bio products are certified as organic by ICEA, and our controlled operator code is E679. As well as our products, also the ingredients we use are certified as organic, and we have therefore obtained organic importer certification.



Isola Bio products are certified as organic also in the UK, thanks to the Soil Association.



Certification for Safety and Quality:

Certification BRC / IFS

This stringent certification, recognized in the various different areas of Europe, is very important and acknowledges, through tight controls and inspections, the food safety of the certified products. Our products have obtained an excellent GRADE A rating.


Certified Supply Chain

Supply chain certification, obtained by Abafoods for Isola Bio Soya, not only certifies the quality of the finished product but can also be traced back, certificate by certificate and inspection by inspection, to the soya seed from which the product derives. A complete inspection, from the fields to your table, to provide you an organic, vegetable and 100% certified product.


Kosher Certification

Isola Bio has also considered its drinks in terms of their safety and suitability for the Jewish community. We have also successfully obtained Kosher certification.



Environmental Safety and Ethical Responsibility:

CSQA: certification for the correct quantification of greenhouse gas emissions

To enact an AUTHENTIC environmental policy that contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Isola Bio required an impartial and objective tool for measuring current emissions: this certification shows that our method of measuring greenhouse gases is correct, and enables us to intervene in a targeted and accurate manner to reduce them.


SA8000: certified working conditions, corporate ethics and correctness.

This certification, of no less importance, acknowledges the company’s commitment to guaranteeing optimum working conditions, and ensuring that there is no exploitation of workers of any type. Abafoods, owner of Isola Bio, is a company whose ethics and respect for the rights of its workers are certified.